How to make a WordPress website and earn money

Hey!! guys if you really want make a wordpress website free and earn money from google adsense monotization programe. I’ll tell you how it made. So follow some steps and get a free wordpress website and earn a lot of money or apply ads on your free website (google adsense).


First you need only two things for make website
1.DOMAIN (your website name)
2.HOSTING (working platform where you work)


if you wan’t use a paid buy a domain from go daddy or other website
WARNING: I suggest you that buy a domain only from secure website.

Don’t worry follow the some easy steps



first you go on free infinity which provided you free domain or hosting
click on- SIGN UP


enter your eamil or password and click on I’m not a robot then click create new account


Now click on create account


enter your domain(website name) and click on search domain button


create your account password and click on I’m not a robot then click create account button

Now all done your website ready for use after 72 hours maximum.


After 72 hours:
In this step we install wordpress in the website. So this step is very important.

Your account ready click on the control panel button


after in control panel click on softaculous apps installer


click on wordpress and install them


enter all the information



select a theme and click on install button


Now you see the men clip art button click on them


After click you enter a new tab of your wordpress log in panel. Enter you username or email and password. click log in button


Now you enter your wordpress control panel where you control your website like post page media visitors or many more things


your wordpress website ready. publish your first post on your website.
if you want earn from this worpress website so create an account on google adsense get ads and drop on your website and earn money with happy your happy website