The Core Of Affection – Love

An immortal word…..
“More Of the other than of Ourselves”
What is love? When do we  start loving someone ? Is loving someone limited to those three words (I Love You) or is it something else?

Love is a word with different connotations . What may be love for one may not be for the second .
Love is a boundless word covering vast seas and the entire world . In this greedy world it is the reason for the soul survival.
If you google love then it says” a deep affection with someone”
We love our family members , friends but a time comes when a person who you used to be a stranger or a formal friend comes in our life or most of the times we fall in love with a guy with whom we have a never dying friendship. Ooops!! Could you please tell what was that line which helped you to differentiate that your friendship for someone changed into LOVE ????
You may fall into confusions and confusions that is it just a little bit more shift towards your friend ?  You have been in constant touch that your friendship changed into “Just friends” tag.

Well loving someone is completely selfless for me. When we think more of the other guy than we think of ourselves that is love. If your love is not selfless it’s not true. When you particularly find only your happiness or think that I am not happy with this love actually that wasn’t love at all. Mistakenly , you felt that it is love. When you burn up yourself to just put a smile on your mate then it is love. When you kinda don’t think of yourself and keep your affinity happy then it is love . Love is caring ,sharing ,respecting ,loving ,expressing and ofcourse Thinking the one’s happiness as your sole priority”
Ahhh, love is not equals to happiness ( a bitter truth)
BUT equals to the happiness of your Love!!!
A time comes when you don’t expect anything from the  one  you  have your feelings then your love changes into” True Love”
True Love is hard to find and the most precious  jwell of your life…..
If you have the one….
Then never let them go!!!!
Because one’s gone may be lost for ever .
Lost to some  unrecognised place leaving no path to trace behind!!