Social Media and its impact

In today’s era of the 21st century, great specialized technical changes have taken place, one among them is emerging of social media platform because of its connecting people features. But there are always two sides to a coin. Consequently, different people have different views on this controversial topic.

The present situation :

We the children of this modern society are making this social media a huge part of our existence, which is somehow going in an unfavourable way. Unknowingly, we are distancing ourself from the people we live with and getting connected to the people who are miles away from us or somewhere unknown to us. Such situations are directing to cyber crimes which have become so familiar these days. People mainly teenagers are getting engaged with the community they shouldn’t and are following the wrong track. Teenagers with less knowledge and information are misled by the wrong people and end up squandering their precious life which was recharged with some big ambitions from childhood.

Negative Impact on the mindset :

‌Society is getting depressed in the number of ways. People are getting more passionate about the number of followers they possess or the number of friends they are with instead of being passionate about themselves. Unknowingly they are compromising with their own mental and physical significance.

‌The family meal together has turned into the separated ones with their children carrying the phone on the one hand and the other one with the ignored diet. Teenagers are becoming a primary major point influenced by mental depression, anxieties and overthinking over little aspects. A leading change in the behaviour which compels them to ill-treat their parents.
‌Social media is hence giving an adverse effect on a teenagers mentality which should be controlled and monitored by the parents

Positive impact :

‌It is not hidden that this social media platform has provided a stage to new talent. There are numerous people on the ground stage who have demonstrated themselves to this worldly audience and achieved a lot of love and support to these needed people.

‌Social media is someplace of people for their bread and butter. So kicking on someone’s stomach isn’t a valid way to justify something.

Hence it gives birth to a platform for the recognition of new talent globally

Now we have been stuck to something that what teenagers should do?. Should they ban from using social media platforms?

Obviously, the answer is clearly no. Restricting someone from operating something would surely make them urge to do more.
As per my opinion, parental control and monitoring are must in children development and involvement in the community children is trying to get engaged in.

Social media – An arena for knowledge

There are several people around the world who are craving for something they really want to read up and discover. Social media is becoming a forum for people with ambitious minds to get encouraged and motivated by the people for some this might be triumphing fashion designing to mastering coding, learning arts like painting, sculpting and billions more……                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Social media – An unsecured platform                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    social media is an insecure platform, where a lot of cybercrimes are taking place. Accounts are being hacked and a lot of personal information and essentials are being circulated. The true gentleman and talented people are roasted in several ways by the people just to earn money.We should keep ourselves secure by minimising the unwanted interactions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hence teenagers are not mature enough to handle all decisions.They should come close to their parents and be frank about their dilemmas. Unless you might mislead yourself. Focus on yourself rather than those inorganic followers in your lists.The most important person in your life is you so better be concentrated.