Making The Most Appropriate Decision In Adverse Situations

Hey guys , have you ever come across situations when you have to choose between you and you ? Well,  its pretty obvious you would have but the question is a bit confusing !! Anyways , let me try to explain to you. In life, we come across situations when we have to make choices between no two person or things but we have to choose between our own prevailing thoughts. Lets say we often hear to choose between what your mind is saying and what your heart says or say you make two opinions about something but it becomes hard to choose one of them . Let’s take a most common example , Whenever  you have two commit some blunders , just for fun , you always think “Shall I do it or not?”
Different thoughts for the same thing but you are awestruck what to choose what to not!! Ah, really a hard one but here I am going to explain something which may turn fruitful and help up in tackling such situations.

So let me bring you up  in a keen situation . You sitting on your chair or lying down on your bed deeply thinking what to choose what to not, quite worried  thinking about the results , thinking why can’t I choose all of them ,wondering.

Now , follow these steps and see if they really work.

First and foremost remember one thing: It  doesn’t matter what will be the result but what matters is what you actually wanted . What was that thing that would have given you happiness.
Step 1: Never betray yourself.
Think of everything you can – the most optimistic or the worst case scenario . Never leave anything not discussed  with yourself . If something anxious comes to your mind face it . Don’t let it go by saying “forget it.” Don’t feel uncomfortable as you are just talking to yourself to open up everything.
Step 2 : Not many opinions but your own choice.
Stop asking others “What shall I do? ” Ya, you may share with your good friends but not more than 1 or 2. The thing is that different opinions will come in your mind and make your choice even harder. So, limit your sharing power.
Step 3 :  Be calm and sit down.
Don’t let anything go in the future . Sit down, lay down whenever you feel fresh and free and try to find a path then and there only. Just think of the most righteous decision . Make a flowchart of the situations in your mind or pen it down whatever you wish will be good for you. I will suggest you to write down every thought strucking  your mind and then read that again 3-4 days.
Step 4: Analysing the situation.
Give a pause on those points which your mind says are nice one and delete all the other stuff. Now, ponder on those points again and again and eliminate those points which you feel are not giving so much positive vibes.
Step 5 :Be patient and finally you will get a solution.
Think of your right and wrong and distance yourself  from anything else as this one is the last step . Don’t lose patience as you have already deleted many of the points which you feel are wrong for you so stop bothering and try to find out optimism  in everything. You have heard “Beautiful things happen in life when you distance yourself from negativity.” So, distancing yourself from all the negative stuff a positive mind will choose between the remaining points.
Step 6 : Think twice.
So, finally when you have made the choice, stay firm on it . Take the decision with the thought you will not be able to alter it in future . Think of the decision you took twice  and if you see happiness in yourself after taking the final decision then it may be the right choice for you.