Why should the girl’s age be reduced in relationship?

In every relationship or marriage, boys should be young girls, as it has been made a social practice. The law also sets the marriage age of 21 for boys and 17 for girls. In such a situation, it has become a common belief that in marriage, the age of the boy is more and the age of the girl is less. It is a calculation that we brought a girl in our life who we could dominate. From this it seems that the older boy will be more responsible and secondly it seems that the girl will listen to her husband, because she is older. One reason can also be that the girls get magured quickly, when a girl turns 30, people start talking and she is seen in society in a wrong way, questions are raised about the girl. Men, and always treat demons as inferior to themselves, are considered weaker than themselves. The man wants the woman to stand behind him in every position, which determines the level in society. Boys can get married on the pretext of their careers at the age of 30-32, if a girl asks to do so?

Things are changing very fast. Now girls are marrying boys much younger than themselves. Every person can have his or her own choice regarding a life partner, but the most important one is a partnership. If you feel that the connection is right, then it is right for you. The relationship of marriage is determined by the age of the heart and not by the age.