What is Hacking or Hacker? Introduction.

What is Hacking

Hacking identifies weaknesses in a computer system or network, so that its weaknesses can be exploited. Hacking means using a password cracking algorithm to access the system and get the information contained inside it. Nowadays, it is mandatory to have a computer to run a successful business. This is not enough for weak computer systems. Hacking means fraud, privacy attacks, theft of corporate / personal data etc. using computers. Businesses need to protect themselves from such attacks.

What is Hacker

A hacker is someone who likes to do new things with a computer. Nowadays hacker refers to “someone who can harm another person’s computer by using Trojan horse programs, computer viruses, and worms in another person’s computer”. The exact name of the person doing all these illegal acts was cracker, but then the word hacker was used in the news, even if he was in error.
A person who commits some illegal act by accessing his computer without the owner’s permission is also called a hacker. In recent times, computers are becoming increasingly more complex and people with bad intentions also have increasing opportunities to use them for criminal purposes. Computer engineers who are not always able to find weak places in computer code. Hackers search for such places, and use them to carry out illegal operations. There are also some good hackers, which prevents wrongdoings going on in the society. But he does this work illegally, which is a law offense. Who are called white hat hackers
A lot of skills are required to become a hacker. A hacker needs to be able to find computer system problems or solutions that most other people cannot.

 Types Of Hacker:

#White hat hacker (Ethical Hacking)

#Grey hat Hacker

#Black hat Hacker

#Script kiddies