What is Dark Web or TOR?


Things we can open easily by searching in Google or searching in Yahoo. It is called Surface Web. Suppose if we want to visit a website, then we will search in Google and open the website links and come in front of us, then the links that are opened by searching in the people googles are the surface web which is only 4% of the internet.


Deep web are links that will not be found in Google. Meaning a website whose link you will not find in Google, which is kept hidden. Only the one who knows the link can open the website. After opening the link, you have to enter the username and password only then the website will open. This is the deep web that is hidden from you. Like many banking sites, there are army sites which we cannot access.


The whole world scares you in the name of the Dark Web. So how to open dark web?
We cannot open this from our normal browser and normal ISP. Meaning we cannot open those websites by going to our Opera, going to Google, going to UC, going to Mozilla or going to Chrome browser. There is a different way to visit these websites. It does not mean that you have to get a new sim. By using the net you use, you can access those websites through the method of onion routing. You cannot open these websites by typing in Google. Those websites are called dark web.
To open the dark web, you will need a new browser called TOR browser.

⇒What is TOR browser? or Dark Web.

This is a browser that you can use to save your privacy. When you search for something in Google, you use their VPN. Which happens that whatever information you are doing, all of that information goes to Google. Now if you buy a private VPN and use it, there is no use. Because Google does not know the work you are doing, but the company of which you have taken a VPN, it has all your information. So Tor was created by looking at all these things.
TOR already has a list of multiple VPN. So as soon as you go inside TOR do some search. So TOR takes you to the website using different VPN. There is no fix VPN for this, they all change from time to time. What happens is that no one can track you. Because tracking so many VPN is not possible. No one knows what you do inside it.
TOR was built for good work. Everything inside it is unknown, hence hackers use TOR. TOR has a lot of illegal websites and lots of illegal activities like selling body parts, selling drugs, kidnapping, murder, rape, cybercrime and more. Money transactions within TOR are done only through Cryptocurrency. Whose information is not available to anyone. This is all taken on TOR because nobody can see you here nor can anyone track you.